Dennis Funk

Audio Producer, Editor & Sound Designer

Dennis is...

Hello. I am an artist creating primarily in audio documentary, podcasting and other forms of sound. This site has some work things, but check out my studio's site if you really want to see/hear that stuff.

I work as a producer, showrunner, story editor, sound designer and composer across narrative and experimental audio projects. I have curated and dissected thousands of hours of audio art and documentary while working with Chicago's Third Coast International Audio Festival and produced features from around the world with The Washington Post. I've also edited audio series for Colorado Public Radio's Audio Innovations Studio. My stories and music have appeared on podcasts, radio, theatre and in the halls of the Art Institute of Chicago

My independent production studio, Written In Air, has collaborated with Pushkin Industries, Pineapple Street Studios, iHeartMedia and more.

Outside of audio, I shoot 35mm and work in watercolour. 

I am based in Pittsburgh, USA.